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Courier Calculator

This calculator will give you a price based on the distance to your destination by road. This is possible thanks to Google maps.

  1. By using the cost calculator, you are agreeing to be bound by Google’s Terms of Service
  2. The quote given by the cost calculator is an estimate and subject to change
  3. The quote will not take into accound additional charges i.e. tolls, ferries etc.


Choose a bike if you need to send a small package or letter quickly.

Small Van

Maximum dimensions width: 118cm (88cm between wheel arches), height: 93cm, depth: 145cm, load: 400 kilos.

Medium Van

Maximum dimensions width: 140cm (125cm between wheel arches), height: 120cm, depth: 224cm, load: 1000 kilos.

Large Van

Maximum dimensions width: 143cm (125cm between wheel arches), height: 138cm, depth: 293cm, load: 1500 kilos.

No parcel to big

or too small

Are you unhappy with your existing courier service? Switch to us for a faster, cost-effective and reliable sameday delivery service today!

Meeting your expectations: We have a fleet of over 50 vehicles across London, Croydon and Sutton and so we are well equipped to offer sameday courier services 24hrs a day, you won't be disappointed!

Our courier and logistical service is perfect for eBay sellers

With millions of consumers using eBay today, there is a high demand and expectation for quick delivery of items at affordable rates. With Diamond Cars and Couriers you can be sure that your parcels, no matter how big or small, will arrive on time without delay at an affordable price.

Happy eBaying!

Intenational delivery and overnight storage?

Are you looking for fast, efficient and reliable overnight and international delivery throughout the UK and Europe, with storage to boot? Please visit Diamond Logistics today

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